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The Adventures of Michael Belmont


Michael Belmont has always dreamed of leading a more adventurous life, but when it actually happens, he ends up getting more than he ever bargained for. Michael is sent to stay with his best friend Liam in Scotland while their parents conduct research at an ancient Egyptian necropolis. All is well until the boys get news that their parents have disappeared. Now Michael, his sister Abby, and Liam suddenly find themselves in a race to obtain an ancient magical artifact that could be the only key to rescuing their parents- before it’s too late. Come on a journey with Michael and his companions as they unravel the mysteries of a medieval Scottish castle, get kidnapped by angry werewolves, and become entangled in a war that has been raging for thousands of years.

Bleeding Star Chronicles

This original sci-fi novella serial follows the adventures of Galin Winchester and the crew of the starship Katara. The crew returns to the planet Earth to find themselves in the midst of an invasion from a mysterious alien race known as the Nazerazi. What had been anticipated as a joyous homecoming has been turned into a bitter struggle for survival, and a quest to find answers about who these invaders are, and what they truly want.

Blowing Off Steam

Western Steampunk / Sci-Fi Novella- contains some adult subject matter not suitable for young children.

The time is 1891, the place- Arizona Territory. A year has passed since the death of her mother, and seventeen year old Emma Cartwright is struggling to manage life's trials. Acting as the mother figure to her younger siblings, worrying about the overdue mortgage on her family's ranch, and dealing with the eccentric behavior of her clockmaker father have not been easy tasks. Things begin to look up however, when her father decides to take on a new apprentice, a handsome young man who hunts and helps them keep food on the table. Emma soon finds herself wondering what kind of life she truly wants to lead. Is she destined to live the simple, happy life of a wife and mother, or does something more exciting await her in the world beyond? When hired gunslingers come calling to harass the family into selling the ranch, Emma's problems truly begin to multiply, and she soon discovers that a life of adventure may be much closer than she'd ever imagined.

'57 Chevy to Mars

In the summer of 1959, recent high school graduate and local drag racing star Johnny Garlits begins to date a visiting girl from Mars. Things are going fine until the girl's older brother and ex-boyfriend appear to seek revenge, and Johnny unwittingly finds himself in a high stakes race through the Solar System for pink slips- not for cars, but for planets.